Tracking and Management Solutions

BoxMetrix integrates with your business and leverages real-time data to improve mission-critical operations and outcomes.

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What BoxMetrix Solves

Over 3.5 million containers are transported in the US every year, and 25% of them get damaged in transit. BoxMetrix helps businesses just like yours protect your high-value assets and work smarter, not harder.

Real-time visibility into everyday operations.

Vital health status updates to avoid financial loss.


Easy reporting and assignment to reduce response times.

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The All Industry Solution

How BoxMetrix Serves Multiple Industries

Industrial and Construction

Simplify views and team communication with an integrated system that shows ops managers critical field data in real time. Managers track field asset availability, set perimeter GeoFences and assign specific team members to those assets in the field.


Moving and storage

Track your high value assets and their every move. BoxMetrix’s container tracking online software eliminates the manual processes in your workflows to help you work faster and more efficiently on and off the clock, delivering containers in their optimal state.

Cold Chain

Transport and store critical products including pharmaceuticals and the COVID-19 vaccine in a temperature controlled environment. From the manufacturing warehouse to the distribution center to the hands of a provider, BoxMetrix helps preserve the health of high-value assets for cold-chain suppliers.

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The Industry’s Easiest Asset Management Platform

BoxMetrix leverages real-time advanced tracking and analytics to make asset management easier than ever before. Track everything from temperature and humidity to battery levels, motion, velocity, and tilt.

How To Get Started

Getting Started with BoxMetrix

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Experience BoxMetrix for Your Company

See how the app could work for your business.