Asset Management

Manage and track all your assets from anywhere, anytime.
The BoxMetrix app gives you real time visibility into the health of your high-value assets and helps you ensure operational continuity.

vital health analysis

The Industry’s Easiest Asset Management Platform

BoxMetrix leverages real-time advanced tracking and analytics to make asset management easier than ever before. Track everything from temperature and humidity, to motion, shock and tilt.
how it works

One Solution, Many Benefits

State of the art GPS and satellite imagery technology track your assets in real time. Just pair your asset with a sensor device and start monitoring.

GPS and Satellite Imagery

Intelligently monitors the location of your fleet and individual assets on a national scale.


Ops Management

Integrated technology sends critical information to decision makers so they can easily alert in-field team members of at-risk assets.

boxmetrix for business

One Size Fits All

Small Scale

The perfect solution for small scale organizations looking to optimize their business operations and grow.

  • Easy implementation
  • 1-50 sensor devices
  • Access to all Web and Mobile features
  • 1 to 3 year subscription plans

Large Scale

A solid choice for large scale companies with mission-critical operations and a big ecosystem of supply and demand chains.

  • Easy implementation
  • 50 plus assets, with tiered price breaks on equipment
  • Access to all Web and Mobile features
  • 1 to 3 year subscription plans


A customized platform for any company that requires specific tools or functions that can be applied to their existing workflows.

  • Your branding
  • Custom add-ons and integrations
  • Remapping communication efforts and data transmission


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